Simulation Testbed for Evaluation of GNSS Performance in a Railway Environment

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16. January 2017

The proposed testbed would facilitate testing of receiver performances in a railway environment and testing of receiver technologies, concepts and algorithms for detection and mitigation of local feared events (LFEs), for which it is statistically improbable to observe many types of LFEs in a field test. The proposed activity includes the identification of barriers to mitigate LFEs for railway and trading-off of architectures for the on board system. This includes multi-sensor systems, the use of accurate track data base information, RAIM algorithms, protection levels calculations, etc. Unlike field testing, where variables cannot be adequately controlled resulting in confounded and non-repeatable results, the proposed testbed shall provide the tools to facilitate repeatable testing as well as fault-injection testing in a highly controlled environment. It is envisaged that data obtained from field tests can beused to generate realistic scenarios for testing.