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Satellite-based signalling systems ready to roll

Using satellite-based resources, Ansaldo STS (IT) is implementing the virtual balise concept for the railway industry. "Using a satnav- and satcoms-based solution should significantly reduce the costs of implementing ERMTS", says ESA's Michele Castorina.

Tracking Trains by Satellite: a premiere for Europe

The incorporation of satellite services in railway signalling systems is now one step closer thanks to the successful test of a demonstration system on a regional rail line on the island of Sardinia.



Status date: 01 February 2016

EMUSER is an innovative obstacle detection system integrated with a satellite Broad Band link for the safety of active level crossings.

EMUSER provides increased resilience in case of natural disasters or damages to the rail infrastructure. It can be installed in areas that are uncovered by conventional communication networks.

Signal Processing Techniques for the Integrity of Navigation for Land Users (INLU)

Status date: 28 January 2016

INLU is a versatile testbed for integrity algorithms for land users (including railway users). It includes signal and threat generation capabilities at sample level, a versatile software receiver which allows combining various acquisition, tracking, PVT, multipath mitigation, consistency check and integrity algorithms, and means for analyzing the integrity performance of the algorithms under test. Part of the activity is dedicated to assessing the integrity performance of algorithms in the railway environment for application in satellite-based train control


Status date: 15 September 2015

The 21Net system enables Internet services on board high-speed trains. The system uses several communication technologies to access the internet: cellular, WiFi and satellite. A Mobile Access Router manages the links switching from one to the other depending on their availabilities. The goal of the project is to improve users ‘experience  of the current system by optimizing the bandwidth usage.


Status date: 10 March 2015

The Ovinto SaMoLoSa study addresses the use of satellite technology for the reduction of transport risk, security enhancement and optimisation of logistic operations by the tracking and monitoring of extremely dangerous goods in unpowered, mobile transport units such as rail tank cars and intermodal tank containers.


Status date: 09 March 2015

3InSat is a project aiming at developing and verifying a new satellite-based platform, based on the ASTS ERTMS system, to support the train localisation function. This satellite supported solution is not yet available on the market because of the very challenging safety requirements (Safety Integrity Level 4 SIL4 requirement) that a railway signalling system shall comply with.


Simulation Testbed for Evaluation of GNSS Performance in a Railway Environment

The proposed testbed would facilitate testing of receiver performances in a railway environment and testing of receiver technologies, concepts and algorithms for detection and mitigation of local feared events (LFEs), for which it is statistically improbable to observe many types of LFEs in a field test.

Improving Safety at Railway Level Crossings

Closing date: 07 February 2014

The objective of this IAP (ARTES element 20) Feasibility Study is to assess the feasibility and viability, from a technical, economical and non-economical perspective, of an integrated solution and associated services, supporting the improvement of railway level crossing safety.

Predicting, Monitoring and Alerting of Landslides and Subsidence Affecting the Transport Infrastructure

Closing date: 07 February 2014

The objective of this IAP (ARTES element 20) Feasibility Study is to assess the feasibility of using space based assets to assist in predicting landslides and subsidence likely to affect the transport infrastructure in order to reduce the damage to this infrastructure, the risk to the transport users and the cost of both operation and travel disruption. The study will address both the road and rail sector.

Space Based Services for Railway Signalling

Closing date: 14 November 2014

The Feasibility Study "Space Based Services for Railway Signalling" (SBS-RailS) has the scope to analyse a using satellite navigation and satellite communications within the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS).