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Space for Level Crossing Safety

Closing date: 12 June 2023

This call for Feasibility Studies aims to assess the technical feasibility and business viability of innovative services / products to improve level crossing safety, using one or more space-based assets.

Satellite Air Interface for Railway Control Communications

Closing date: 04 October 2019

The objective of the activity is to develop and demonstrate a satellite air interface for railway control communications. The activity will validate the development using realistic packet level simulations and will implement a transceiver in software-defined radio.

GNSS Receiver Chain Technology Enabler and Integrity Techniques for the Railway Environment

Closing date: 09 April 2019

The objective of this activity is to develop a railway GNSS receiver chain technology enabler, to support the testing and validation of integrity concepts, algorithms, and techniques for receivers in a railway environment.

Proving Train Integrity Using Satellite Navigation Services For Train Control A…

Closing date: 20 July 2018

The study will propose a roadmap for implementation and demonstration of the proposed solution. It is envisaged that the study will be supported by key users and stakeholders, who will contribute to requirements and explore opportunities for demonstrating the proposed solution through a potential follow-up Demonstration Project.

Techniques Supporting Resilience For High Integrity Train Control Applications

Closing date: 02 July 2018

This activity aims to assess, design and test techniques for improving robustness of GNSS carrier tracking in the railway environment for railway Safety of Life applications. The activity focuses on the use of GNSS positioning for virtual balise detection in the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS).




Status date: 23 February 2023

This activity aims to deliver a data integration and predictive analytics service for rail freight in the UK. The software platform will help and feed the existing software infrastructure for different users and customers, connecting any relevant internal & external data source to make non-flexible software modules/silos extremely flexible through collaboration, data exchange and integration.


Status date: 23 February 2023

The objective of the proposed activity is to develop a demonstration of a hybrid satellite communications and terrestrial network for use on trains.


Status date: 22 February 2023

LiveEO provides an innovative infrastructure monitoring for railways, electricity grids and pipelines that identifies vegetation, ground deformation and third-party interactions in order to progress to predictive maintenance and aims at reducing operational expenses by at least 25%.

CertiPro - Certifiable Railway Trackworker Individual Protection

Status date: 17 February 2023

In this truly European project, an innovative railway track worker protection system will be evaluated for its reliability and its ability to enhance the safety of railway track workers. The goal is to demonstrate the safety capabilities of the track worker protection system in a real environment, integrated into the challenging infrastructure of a railway operator in Italy.


Status date: 17 February 2023

This activity aims to develop a GNSS receiver platform for rail (the GREET Receiver Platform), which will help realize the important potential of GNSS as a component of the on-board multi-sensor train localization unit (TLOBU). Fusion with other sensors (e.g. Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), tachometer, track geometry, etc.) will be mandatory to mitigate the known impact of local effects on GNSS performance and allow the use of a localization unit, with the required safety level, across all the European rail network, from main lines to regional lines, from mountainous areas to urban environments.