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N.B. Please note that the Full Proposal related documents and the Management Requirements are provided here below for information only.

Please note that all the templates are ESA Unclassified releasable to public.

The officially applicable versions of these documents are available in esa-star publication area, under the relevant Announcement of Opportunity (AO11026).


       List of frequent mistakes made in preparation of a Full Proposal

       Business Model Canvas

       Terminology used in ESA Business Applications


SET OF TEMPLATES FOR the Space4Rail Open Call for Proposals AO/1-11026

       Activity Pitch Questionnaire

      Presentation on "Guidelines for APQ Preparation"


Feasibility Studies 

       Outline Proposal Template

       Full Proposal: Cover Letter 

       Full Proposal: Full Proposal Template

      Management Requirements

       Smart Contract and related Tutorial


Demonstration Projects 

       Cash flow Forecast Workbook

       Outline Proposal Template 

       Full Proposal: Cover Letter

       Full Proposal: Full Proposal Template

       Full Proposal: MSP-PSS Tool

      Management Requirements 

       Smart Contract and related Tutorial



Demonstration Projects Deliverables Document Templates

       BP Template

       Financial Forecast Workbook

       RD Template

       Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Model [Annex to Requirements Document]

       SSA Template

       SVD Template

       PilUP Template

       Pilot Operations Summary Report (POSR)

       FREP Template

Operational Documents

       MPR Template

       PWP Template

       CCN Template - A practical guide showing how to fill in a CCN form

Conclusive Documents

       Summary and Achievements

       Contract Closure Documentation

       Single Slide Presentation


MoM Templates for Milestone Meetings with Embedded Draft Agendas

Negotiation Meeting (NM)

N.B. A version of the Minutes of the NM pre-populated with the clarifications/nego points is available - please ask your ESA Technical Officer


Baseline Design Review (BDR)

Critical Design Review (CDR)

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

On-Site Acceptance Test (SAT)

Final Review (FR)


Negotiation Meeting (NM)

Progress Meeting (PM)

Business Case Review (BCR)

Final Review (FR)