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A key issue for the use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) in safety critical train control systems is the lack of confidence on the residual positioning errors caused by feared events in the railway environment such as multipath, non-line of sight conditions and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Effective barriers are needed to detect and mitigate these feared events such that the threat of under-bounding the residual errors is mitigated to the required level. This activity foresees the development of such barriers and the necessary tools to test and validate them.

This activity aims to develop a railway GNSS receiver chain technology enabler to support the development of receiver technologies suitable for the railway environment, focusing on the testing and validation of integrity algorithms and techniques that can be applied at all stages of the GNSS receiver chain.

This includes the development, testing and consolidation of integrity concepts suitable for evolutionary ETCS functions that utilise satellite positioning such as virtual balise detection and enhanced odometry, as well as concepts that are relevant to improving the sustainability and business proposition of a GNSS-based train positioning platform.