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Feasibility Study




The SaMoLoSa project aims at demonstrating a monitoring service for critical parameters during transports carrying hazardous goods in unpowered transport assets such as rail tank cars and intermodal tank containers. After identifying stakeholder needs, the monitoring device is configured for the required parameters and a software platform is developed to provide an answer to these specific needs.

As the overall goal of the project is the reduction of risk, an automated risk analysis tool is also developed to assess the risk per trajectory.

To be able to perform this risk analysis a digitized EU railmap is developed, enabling trajectory optimisation allowing to identify the route of the least risk when transporting hazardous goods.

Another technological objective within the SaMoLoSa project lies in investigating the possibility to combine the Ovinto Sat Monitoring technology with the SAT AIS technology so that intermodal (tank) containers can continued to be monitored even when they would be stacked inside a vessel of ship. 

Next to all of the above, the SaMoLoSa project aims to offer a new commercial model towards the different stakeholders, minimizing the ‘entry barrier’ and costs regarding these monitoring services while maximizing their return and profit for all implied stakeholders.


The (petro-)chemical & gas industry as hazardous & dangerous goods transporter, for optimisation of security, know the whereabouts of their hazardous transports as well their condition

Their respective logistics departments , in order to reduce operating costs.

The leasing companies as a basis for invoicing.

Producers of tank containers & tank rail cars who could supply their products with integrated monitoring devices.

Professional interest organizations (Cefic, ITCO, Essenscia, …) who play a role in regulating the sector

Insurance companies

Government in close cooperation with the civil service, fire brigade, SAR, …

Satellite communication providers


The SaMoLoSa service allows to locate and monitor defined parameters of extremely hazardous goods transports. Such reliable monitoring allows different stakeholders to have the latest information on the state of the transport to intervene if alarm levels are passed and generally increases the safety of extremely hazardous goods transports. Operators will be able to select the route representing the minimal risk and will monitor the state of their assets through measured key parameters at any given moment on the trajectory. The hazardous goods transport of containers is not limited to rail. It is the intention of the SaMoLoSa to provide a seamless monitoring, also during the intervals where the containers are transported by ship, possibly by making use of Sat-AIS.  

Combining an automated risk analysis on a digital rail map in a new commercial service model, tailor made to the specific requirements of all stakeholders is unique and impossible to be offered by competitors using traditional technology.


The Ovinto Sat Monitoring technology is able to measure and monitor multiple parameters every few minutes, transmitting all data every two hours or even more frequent, for at least 4 years or more without having to change or recharge batteries, regardless the location on the globe and regardless the most extreme environmental conditions. On top of this unique combination, the technology is certified to function in direct contact with the most explosive goods existing on Earth.


The feasibility study was positively evaluated by the customers and ESA, with the following conclusions:

the SaMoLoSa service is technically feasible, as demonstrated in user validated proof of concepts

the services are also economically viable, with a very interesting potential of unlocking benefits together with the customers

a follow up demonstration project is planned and will be presented shortly.

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Last updated date: 13 December 2023