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Status date: Status date: 23 February 2023

This activity aims to deliver a data integration and predictive analytics service for rail freight in the UK. The software platform will help and feed the existing software infrastructure for different users and customers, connecting any relevant internal & external data source to make non-flexible software modules/silos extremely flexible through collaboration, data exchange and integration.

CertiPro - Certifiable Railway Trackworker Individual Protection

Status date: Status date: 17 February 2023

In this truly European project, an innovative railway track worker protection system will be evaluated for its reliability and its ability to enhance the safety of railway track workers. The goal is to demonstrate the safety capabilities of the track worker protection system in a real environment, integrated into the challenging infrastructure of a railway operator in Italy.


Status date: Status date: 08 December 2022

SEMOR-3D aims to include modelling techniques to overcome the problem of lack of precision in hostile railway environment as can be met in mountains or valleys where the GNSS satellites can lose visibility. In Italy as in the main railway network of centre Europe the percentage rails that runs in mountain area is relevant, so, adopting 3D techniques will extend the use of SEMOR and enhance the worker protection. The present proposal will aim to develop a SEMOR-3D prototype able to improve dramatically workers safety and reducing delay in train traffic.


Status date: Status date: 31 October 2022

To set up a Worksite Protection System prototype introducing individual protection to improve workers safety and cutting delay in train traffic movements due to the limitation of the process based on current ATWS.


Status date: Status date: 10 March 2015

The Ovinto SaMoLoSa study addresses the use of satellite technology for the reduction of transport risk, security enhancement and optimisation of logistic operations by the tracking and monitoring of extremely dangerous goods in unpowered, mobile transport units such as rail tank cars and intermodal tank containers.


Status date: Status date: 14 June 2012

The IRISS feasibility project has identified the applications and requirements for an integrated information, communication and navigation gateway within the rail transport sector, designed and developed a solution and performed a proof of concept activity.