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Thematic areas

NAVISP Element 2

Generic Technologies


Signalling, Tracking

The objective of the activity is to set up a Worksite Protection System prototype introducing individual protection to improve workers safety and cutting delay in train traffic movements due to the limitation of the process based on current ATWS: 
•    Avoid the impact of human factor in safe decision; 
•    Introduce complete automation real time localization of operators and machines;
•    Reduce the complexity, time and cost in worksite installation and management;
•    Simplify the interaction with the ATWS and/or signalling systems.
•    Fully exploit GNSS technology. 
The listed goals shall be enabled by GNSS accurate and robust: 
•    localization of operators and machines; 
•    an intelligent central supervision System to monitor the safe positioning status of workers.

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Last updated date: 24 February 2023